Picture this - a cosy room. You walk down a short hall past a modern bathroom to the bed. A large brown leather chair, a king sized bed, a cute wee table with 2 hairs.... and the view of Christchurch City out the window.

Well, that was the location of my second Valentine's themed shoot of 2020. It was GORGEOUS.

Julie-Anne and Darcie met me at the Hackthorne Luxury Accommodation Hotel in the Cashmere hills. This was the 3rd time the 3 of us had worked together. What Julie-Anne calls the "A - team".... but I'm sure she says that to everyone she works with haha

It was pretty late in the day, so we were pretty short on time. Me being difficult as always, (I work the best in natural light.... as well as not having quite enough experience in studio lighting) left Julie-Anne with little time to do Darcie's hair and makeup. But as you can see from the pictures... Julie-Anne is wonder woman!

If you look through these pics and would love to have her do your own makeup; her business is called HMS hair-makeup-styling. She can be found on facebook and instagram. If you have a bit of trouble finding her, let me know and I'll flick you a link.

Working with both of them is always a real pleasure for me. We get on really well (at least I believe so on my end of things haha). Julie is lovely and Darcie.... well Darcie is one of those people that can automatically light up a room. Her laugh and sense of humor make you feel at ease. That is the best I can sum her up without going on... she's truly an amazing person to be around. You will definitely not be able to keep a straight face around her!

This shoot was pin-up themed... enjoy!