"You can't use up creativity; the more you use,

the more you have"

the following images

took a few months to plan and get organised. I had originally planned the shoot with a different model and makeup artist, but I guess they lost interest. After being constantly pushed away, I turned to the talented Julie-Anne and Darcie. A couple gals I knew I could count on, as well as people I believe I get on pretty well with.

I'd seen the makeup concept of using Gold glitter and foil on Instagram under a few different photographers. Seeing inspiration I really wanted to make this my own. I know in a world and nation where everyone is trying to do the same thing, I wanted to be different. As a women in a mechanical trades background, safe to say I don't think I ever could be! This was a mindset shared by Julie-Anne.

After all.... what's the point being like everyone else?

Of course.... I had to try and snap a photo of the mastermind at work!

This was from the "first set". I count myself EXTREMELY lucky to have a studio space with the most gorgeous natural light. I've never really been one for big, bulky studio lighting and soft boxes. I feel it can take the fun out of the environment, as well as taking up heaps of space! You can also see the fantastic job that Julie did with Darcie's gold foil placement... isn't the eye makeup just stunning?!?

Darcie has such gorgeous eyes already, but the bronze and nude tones really make them pop!

I also count myself pretty lucky that my space is versatile with only having to move a few steps to the side. It can create a completely different mood with the "new" lighting scenario.



And that's what I enjoy most about photography. Most art in museums and galleries now doesn't seem to have the talent it once had. The viewer is now expected to view a whole story and motive behind a brush stroke or a circle on canvas. A photograph is so much more than that. It builds questions about the person and everyone can have a different story in mind for the photograph, as well as the photographer themselves. I want to invoke a certain amount of curiosity while portraying the real sides of the person in the portrait.

This is why I love working with Darcie. Sometimes I kinda hit myself thinking I should have just gone straight to her!

"Nothing is more impressive than a woman who is secure in the unique way God made her"

  • Unknown origins

These were shot with Darcie lying on the ground. I had a black sheet there to hide my ugly carpet. These were extremely unplanned!

I can't even remember who came up with the idea and how Darcie came to be lying down and myself on the top rung of a ladder, but I'm pretty stoked with how those images came out! I love the dreamy, space like qualities of the photos.... perfect fit for a young woman with so much hope for the world. I feel so old compared to her... her energy is enough to light up a house let alone just the room.

Now, the above images were something I'd been wanting to try for a while.... Free-lensing.

This technique involves actually having the lens OFF OF THE CAMERA and focussing through it. This was WAAAYYYY trickier than I could have imagined, Thank God Darcie had enough patience to sit through that with me!

She held the battery end of the fairy lights, while I had the other end attached to my camera strap. I think I really like the way the effect turned out... again, another dreamlike effect. These photos actually make me think of the Fleetwood Mac soon "Dreams".

Hopefully the three of us will be able to work on another idea soon!