Zoe and I choose the perfect day to sneak out for a Golden hour photo-shoot.

This is one of my favourite spots on the Port Hills that overlook Christchurch and Governor's bay. Now that Sugarloaf has gotten so crowded, I've ventured out to find other spots. This location suited us to a "T"... having planned to do a "Cow-girl themed" portrait shoot.

We had the old stock gates and fencing, as well as a gorgeous low haze over the city helping us create the look we were after. This undisclosed location (unless you want an engagement shoot ;) ), will be where I take engaged couples... or any couples wanting to get some stunningly romantic pictures together. There will be pictures popping up on the Facebook page every now and then of Ben and Kylie. The pair of them volunteered to do a couple's model session and I took them up to the exact same spot Zoe and I ended up.