Ben and Rach met about 3.5 years through the modern dating scene.... tinder. As I think we all do now!

A large family coming together they enjoy just chilling out together on their days off, or heading out to the motorcross.

Originally planned to get hitched on the Gold Coast, however with Covid-19 and lockdown with a travel ban being enforced, that didn't happen. Plans were changed and they managed to obtain a date at the Leeston Lakeside Soldiers Memorial Hall.

The wedding was planned just from a month out and was a cruisey afternoon. A lovely chilled wedding that suited the pair and what they wanted

The surprise was kept from her very well... Rach had no idea that Ben had actually arranged for a helicopter to take her to the venue!

After the ceremony we stayed around the venue and got the traditional family and group photos. Ben and Rach had both suggested going out to Lake Ellesmere for somemphotos of the two of them together.

then food!!!