So, I'll start off with the process.

  • As a photographer, I love to meet potential clients first. Not only is it a good opportunity to ask all your questions in person, but it gives them peace of mind. They can see me for who I am and what I am. These are intimate and personal photo-shoots.... My mission is to make you feel comfortable as possible. We would go over any questions you have, why you're interested in the experience, as well as talk about ideas you have and how you envision your session.
  • We'll then make a booking if you'd like to go ahead. Booking agreements are all available on the website now (lock-down was good in one aspect!), so I can flick you the link to that. Terms and conditions are also available on the contract page. I'm completely transparent with everything I do, so all pricing/packages are available to view. If you've got something else in mind.... we can discuss that at the consult and I can always do up a quote for your request.
  • I usually host sessions at my home studio in Woolston, Christchurch. However if you would rather a different location, that can be arranged.
  • Day of the session comes - you're probably going to at least be slightly nervous, so we'll just sit down and have a drink, a chat, maybe even go through outfits and items you've brought with you and make a plan for the shoot.
  • The session happens when you're ready. I always recommend people start with their favourite set or outfit. Time goes fast.... so it's always good to start there just in case! I provide posing and direction to help, but the session is up to you! If you've brought heaps of ideas, we'll work our way through what we can.
  • After the session finishes, I'll go through the images and edit. Normally I do minimal editing. Mostly the standard skin blemishes, contrast, highlights and colour correction. If there's anything you'd like me to edit (e.g scars), let me know. While I do like to keeps things as close to reality as I can, I understand there's some things that you just don't want to see. Even if it's a tattoo of an ex's name... just let me know.
  • Images are finished!!!! This is the point where I'll flick you through the link to your online, private album. All your pictures will be on this album. At this stage all the images will be watermarked. You can go through and pick which ones you want, let me know and I'll swap over the images so you now have all your chosen images. Plain (not watermarked) and ready for download off of the site! Yay! Both albums will be password protected.
  • A post-session survey will also be given to you. This is completely optional. It's just a wee questionnaire I've made up to gain feedback on my services. These sessions are all about you.... every bit of feedback is valuable as it helps me improve my services, or know that I'm on the right track.

Okay, so that's the process explained.... but what can I wear? What will suit my body shape? Where can I get these things from?

These are all questions I get asked almost every time I go into a consult. My answer is simple....


There's so many options of lingerie these days it can be easy to get lost in all the confusion. Online shopping sites don't always have the best size guide accuracy, so I recommend buying a size bigger if you really aren't sure. Clothes can be made smaller but not easily larger. Not to mention having clothing that is too small always makes you feel insecure and worried.

If you can, go into a store, try things on and get a feel for what you like most....

We all have insecurities. 99.99% of women don't like their stomach area. For this, I suggest a bodysuit, high-waisted panties, shirts, cardigans or robes. All items can be used to hide areas you're not happy with. These items and outfits are also great for those on a budget. Lingerie sets (bra ,panties, garters, stockings) are all well and good, but they can get very expensive very quickly! Corsets can be good, but are often really uncomfortable for a lot of poses. I recommend doing more portrait style poses, or lying flat posing. Sitting down or trying to bend in a corset can be tricky. Baby-dolls or really loose teddies can be flattering if the waist is designed so it cinches in.... but because of the loose fabric they can often make you appear larger than you actually are .

For these reasons, I always firstly recommend bodysuits.

I also get asked frequently about the kinds of makeup and looks for boudoir. If you aren't much of a makeup fan, or don't usually do makeup, I'd suggest doing your own makeup.

Often I'll get a client go through a makeup artist and they'll be confident and feeling good going into the shoot. But then something changes as I show them the back of my camera. Most of the time, it's just a shade of lipstick they are quite keen on, but sometimes it's even the eye shadow colour. A natural, glam look is usually the best for boudoir shoots, but sometimes an artist will take things a little further than what you normally would for your own makeup.



So, now you know all that, what else is there to know about doing a photo-shoot?

You might think there's not much more to know at this stage. I've walked you through the process, even discussed outfit choices... but there are a few handy tips to help with nerves and to help you feel your absolute best.

  1. Drink lots of water in the days prior and get lots of sleep - this will be super helpful to your skin.
  2. Make up a music playlist - I can get this going during your session. I usually always have music playing.
  3. If you're doing your own makeup, matte foundations are best. Liquid foundations that have sunscreen in them will create a bit of a shine in photos.
  4. You can drink alcohol if you like - but it's best not to have more than one glass at the session. Depending on you metabolism and how you feel drinking alcohol, you may even be able to have more. But I find that a lot of people go red when drinking.... if you start feeling rather tipsy, it can show in your photos.
  5. You can bring a support person if you like. We all get nervous going into these situations and bringing someone that will help you relax and enjoy the experience will work wonders for your confidence!
  6. Research! I love when clients have a look into poses and bring inspiration. I may not be able to recreate every kind of picture with the space I have, but when a client or model brings inspo, it helps me gain more insight into them and what they want out of the session. Likewise, if you have an idea during the session or would like to try something slightly different.... let me know!
  7. Your photos will not be shared unless you give permission to do so. I do share models images as I generally get them to sign model releases, but with clients I don't even ask. Your images are yours to do what you wish with, but 99% of clients do not want their images shared. So I NEVER SHARE CLIENTS IMAGES. Your privacy is important. I'll even ask if feedback is placed if you would like your name put with the review.

Well, I think that's pretty much all there is to cover. If you feel I've missed something out, or would like to ask questions... I'm more than happy to answer them.