Um yeah... so that cover picture, that's me. Me apparently in my "element".

I've always preferred to show my clients and models different poses rather than just describe. So many things can get lost in translation, so I find it easier just to do. I might look like a complete dork in my strange pattern socks, but I love it haha

So first off in this line up of three models myself and Simran worked with is Christie.

Christie is an incredible woman. A devoted mother to her 12 year old boy, sophisticated model and gym junkie. She got into fitness to "fight" for her son. Her boy is autistic, and so Chrissie spends a massive amount of her time fighting the education system. She decided to put it all into perspective, changing her habits and life around to become a role model for her son.

No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart

And then there was Zoe...

Now, I don't make any secret of the fact that I love working with Zoe. She's such a character and an awesome model. It's always good to work with someone that knows what they like to do, and knows what they are doing. Here's a few images from the shoot

Last but not least... Jeiarne.

Jei mostly does latex modeling. Yes, you read that right. Latex is a growing trend in New Zealand and there is so much care and prep that goes into wearing it, it really is an art for itself! It's not typically meant as a fetish with models.

Looking forward to working with Jei on more projects!

Now, this blog post wouldn't be complete without some behind the scene images of Simran (Pierside photos)....

A special thanks to Simran for inviting me to this great event, as well as the awesome models that took part!