Introducing Kadie and Ben Watts.

Funnily enough, Ben and Kadie had both grown up in the Akaroa area, but didn't meet until after schooling when they both attended a Volunteer Fire Brigade function. Having mutual friends, they were in each others' company for a few years before they actually started dating.

Unfortunately Covid-19 forced them to have a smaller wedding than originally planned, as Ben had family in Australia that would be unable to attend. The virus and restrictions didn't put a dampener on the day though, and with the wind holding off a bit and the sun poking through the clouds, it was a beautiful day with lots of laughs!

The girls got ready at an Air BNB they'd rented up on the hill in Akaroa, only a few minutes away from the ceremony venue at the Red Shed.

Kadie's dress was modified with the strings of pearls and satin ribbon around the middle. Kadie had found the dress at an Anna Stretton store and fell in love with it, but wanted to add a more personal touch.

The Red Shed was a stunning venue - the view over the bay and Akaroa was incredible!

Phillipa Linton officiated the ceremony while the wind started picking up a little more! Kadie walked down to her soon-to-be ceremony to an Ed Sheeran song behind her four bridesmaids. Wilbur (Ben and Kadie's Dachshund came down with the women before being settled with the groomsmen. Of course he had to be a part of the ceremony!

Apparently Ben's proposal didn't do quite as planned. He'd originally planned on taking Kadie on a helicopter ride up to a summit and the snow for a big romantic gesture. This didn't end up going ahead as the weather wouldn't allow it! He ended having to make do with the environment they had after they ended up going for a hike. He was determined to get the question out. Luckily for him, she said yes.

When asked what they loved about each other, they had this to say.

Kadie : We fit together so well, complimenting each others good and bad. We have been through a lot together and always come out stronger. We both love spending time with each other and love to see new places and do new things together, but are also happy in our pjs watching Netflix all day at times. We have the same values and priorities (most of the time!). He is my person.

Ben : I just love being around her.

Ben and Kadie had their reception at the boat shed in Akaroa after we spent some time around the area taking photographs of the two of them. I won't show the reception photographs out of respect for the guests, but it was lovely to hear all the stories and speeches made by their loved ones. Above I've shown a few from our travels around town. Ben remembered a bridge up the back of the town... which turned in to a perfect spot for pictures with the way the light was coming through.

The rain luckily held off until late into the night for them, so everyone was inside all warm and getting down on the dance floor!

All in all, it was a beautiful day and even the weather wouldn't have been able to put a dampener on their happiness.

I recognized you instantly. All of our lives flashed through my mind in a split second. I felt a pull so strongly towards you that I almost couldn’t stop it.

– J. Sterling