So, I'm sure we've all done a lot of reading this year.

I've expanded my general reading a lot from primarily crime solvers or the Jane Austin and Bronte classics, so thought I'd share a small list of my favourites from lockdown reading. A few titles I would highly recommend if you just want to take a break from everything and chill out with a coffee, tea or whiskey and a book.

Feel free to hit me up with any recommendations!


This title was just incredible and deserves to be right at the top of the list.

Based around the mysterious group of "Sleepwalkers" and the families and people that follow and protect them. I won't spoil the book for you, but there are many plot twists. This book will keep you guessing, but also have you thinking about our own futures. The story line hits really close to home with our current global situation... even though this book was actually published last year. The similarities that are produced within the first half of the book presents disease control issues, as well as even mentioning a Coronavirus outbreak in 2002... which I actually googled at the time and found actually happened! Scary, intense and relatable in ways, this book certainly will keep your mind occupied.


'Educated' depicts the struggles of going up in a "survivalist" family. Tara discusses events in her life, her childhood, and how she became the woman she is today. How she formed her own opinions, how she found her way out and how all those things have affected her family relationships is bared to all. An incredible book, Tara really has poured her soul into her writing. Clearly an intelligent woman, she also brings into light the discussion of mental illness and how it affects those around you/them. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, but there are a lot you just can't understand as a child. This is definitely a "must read" to add to your list!


NZ Author that really did her research into something she is passionate about. Heather apparently took several trips to Europe to research for this book. I read her first book "The Tattooist of Auschwitz", but this book is far superior. Though the tattooist is a great book and amazing love story, with Cilka's Journey, you get so much more invested with Cilka and what happens to her, that you're basically on edge the whole book wanting to know what happens next. Heather Morris got me into historical fiction and now I find myself reading a lot in regards to WW2. Be prepared for a few tears.





Wow did this have a plot twist! The "secret" literally had me like WTF. I actually gasped.

Centered around WW1, the story follows a young French woman whom has been forced to wed into a rival Perfumer family. She marries and before she can consummate her marriage, the bells toll for the men to go to war. A couple years into the war however, an old family secret is uncovered with the sudden arrival of a stranger. A secret that affects her future and her marriage. I love Fiona and the way she writes. The storylines and the background stories she presents keep you really invested. I particularly like the way Fiona ends her stories. There's always questions at the end... you're imagination creates the characters endings!


One of the best crime/murder mysteries I have ever read. The descriptive way Soren writes really draws you in. While crime/murder stories all seem to be the same in story line, Soren brings a really unique mind to it. I've grown up loving Lisa Gardener, but even she becomes predictable after a while. They become the same after a while. So to introduce a very new kind of killer is a major! Soren introduced a new kind of motive and way of thinking (on the terms of a killer). Thoroughly enjoyed this book.