Okay, so you may have heard about Boudoir Photography, but what does it mean to you?

For me, boudoir is so much more than a "sexy photo". So much more. I say it time and time again, because it's true.... and partly because I'm stubborn and like to get my point across.

Boudoir Portraits are empowering. They are an opportunity to let us see ourselves how everyone else sees us. Deep down, we all know the image WE see in the mirror is different to what others see. We pick at how we look, how we dress... all the imperfections we 'make up' in regards to ourselves. To have these photos done, is a step towards loving yourself. And that is just one example of empowerment. Squashing every society made expectation of what our bodies "should be" and loving them for what they are.

"Feminism isn't about making women stronger. Women are already strong, it's about changing the way the world perceives that strength."

  • G.D. Anderson


  • "I'm not skinny enough" / "I need to lose weight first" - These are common complaints I hear often from potential clients. For starters, there is NO SUCH THING as the "perfect" size and body for boudoir or any other kind of portraits. If you're wanting to get the photos done as a progress report or celebration of losing weight, that's awesome! But for those just not feeling themselves and how they look, I think you need to do this! Curves are sexy too!
  • "I couldn't be confident enough to do that". Well yes, you can be.... if you're REALLY nervous... I generally have some liquor around the house :) Learning to love yourself always starts with pushing your boundaries. I often get clients coming to me because I'm another female. Which I understand... it can be pretty unnerving getting undressed in-front of a stranger, even more so with the opposite sex!
  • Not owning lingerie. Well, now you've got an exciting reason to go buy some ;)

Yeah, being in-front of a photographer in minimal amounts of clothing is extremely daunting. I get that. But that feeling of being confident, self-assured and sexy AF walking out of it..... that's why every woman should do a boudoir shoot. It's a life- changing experience with which your opinion of yourself and your body will change forever.

I got into boudoir to help women learn that. To feel empowered. To embrace their femininity. To truly love themselves again. There is no longer that expectation that our bodies have to be a certain size or weight. That we need to have a certain body shape or hair colour to be considered beautiful. All women are beautiful. But we still keep telling ourselves that those expectations still exist.

Confidence still remains one of the most alluring things about a woman. I'm sure we can all admit to watching another female at a party or on the street just to admire her confidence.... wishing we could feel that way about ourselves. Well I tell you what, the only difference between her and you is that she see's herself, loves herself and is true to herself.


(Yes, caps locks because I'm shouting. It needs to be seen and needs to be heard)


I finally realized that being grateful to my body was key to giving more love to myself.   

Oprah Winfrey

If you're still "umming and ahhing".... here's something written by a model (yes, the amazing babe in the pictures) about her own experience and thoughts on boudoir.....

I had never done a boudoir shoot before and knew it was something I wanted to experience at least once. I loved the idea of doing something that was empowering for me, even if it was a little out of my comfort zone.

I learnt that it's not worth stressing about finding the right angles and poses, Kathryn is incredible at what she does and made me feel completely at ease with posing in front of the camera, I love how creative Kathryn is and how she is able to go with the flow and incorporate some of the ideas i had during the shoot as well.

Experiencing being completely glammed up for a boudoir shoot is so much fun. Having these moments of confidence captured, where you see yourself through a different lens to your everyday self is powerful. It's also pretty iconic to have absolutely stunning images to loo back on when you're 80.

My advice to anyone on the fence about doing a boudoir shoot would be to do this to celebrate yourself and your uniqueness! You don't need to have a particular reason to do the shoot, and you don't need to look a particular way either, as you are right now is more than enough.

So, here you have it. The modern woman's perspective on boudoir photography. How helpful and amazing the experience really is.

That is why EVERY woman should do a boudoir shoot and experience coming away from the experience of feeling sexy in their skin.