Wedding Questionnaire and Booking Agreement

Contained on this page is all my wedding contract information, as well as a small questionnaire. This questionnaire is just an opportunity to get to know you both better - covering any questions I may have forgotten to ask during our consult.

If this font size is too small, please let me know and I'll organise a PDF file with everything on it.


A deposit of 25% is required at the time of booking. Full payment is required a month before the wedding date. any payment plans will need to be written in the section "extra notes", communicated and agreed upon.

Pricing is at $100.00 an hour for my services, and digital photographs sent via an online album. This album will be available up to a year, but if anything happens to your photographs, I will have them on a hard drive.

Payment can be made to - K Bamber, Westpac Bank, 03-0674-0231489-001 - Please reference your full name when making payment.

Any wanted shots are required in writing. I will do my best to provide these photographs as per the terms and conditions, which will be available as a PDF file.

It will be good to advise me of any issues that may prevent me using a person's photograph on social media, or when photographs are supplied to venders. Also any family issues that may require separation during family photos. for this reason, it is suggested to appoint a family member to help arrange the families and friends for photographs after the ceremony. Please allow 5-10 minutes per family/friend group photographs after the ceremony.

Locations and venues will need to be scouted before the wedding date, in order to provide you with the best photographs I can provide. If there are any specific locations at the venues that you would like photographs taken (includes bridal party and groomsmen, or if you both would like to just sneak away), these will need to be communicated. For these reasons, it is a good opportunity for me to join the rehearsal, and perhaps go for a walk around with you both.

Billing and Delivery address of printed items if required

Would you like bridal party/groomsmen involved?

Please include any family and friend group photographs

These are at an extra $500.00. A cheaper album can be arranged on request.

Please include any other information, contacts, or any questions