Boudoir sessions will be held during weekend "events" - this will be hosted in a hotel room that I book for the entire weekend. 

Boudoir is more than just a sexy picture, it's about finding your own inner peace and self confidence.

It's that feeling of seeing yourself as you never have before.

This is why I have gotten into boudoir. My aim is to help women achieve that sense of pride in their bodies - exactly as their bodies are. The ability to turn around, face the mirror, and say to yourself  "Yes this is me. And I'm happy with how I look, because I am f$&^ing beautiful!"

Because these can be very personal sessions, I try to make everyone as comfortable as possible. I encourage clients to meet me beforehand, if possible, for coffee or other public arrangement. This serves as a 'meet and greet' as well as an opportunity to discuss the shoot. and for the client to ask any questions they may have.

I provide my clients with a fun, empowering, safe environment.  And most of all, I want this to be exciting for you!

Email or contact via instagram/facebook for the booking agreement and available investments.