Modeling and Portrait Photography Workshop

Hi guys!

Kelvin (Aird Photography), Kathryn (Kathryn Louise Photography) and Christina Amer (model extraordinar) are teaming up to host the first of what will hopefully be a few workshops organized through the TFP Meet Ups CHCH group.

We hope to cover such topics as modeling safety, model and photographer etiquette, model releases and basic posing instruction for models. If time allows, we may get a little geeky and go into camera specs for models. If a photographer isn't communicating what they are shooting, at least you'll have an idea of what they might be framing by the gear they have ad how far away they stand... which can be pretty helpful!

Kelvin and Kathryn will do a couple of demonstrative photoshoots to show how they work with models. You will all also have opportunities to shoot in the venue. This will be "speed dating" styles and there will be timers in play to make sure no one goes over time. Kelvin, Kathryn and Christina will be "floating" around... so if you want some questions answered or some help, shout out!

We are having the workshop at Milton Street Substation. Note on the venue, there is NO PARKING up beside the building. Please park on the street. We will be looking at 3 hours in the venue so please be prompt to get the best out of it! If it turns into a large group, we may look at 4 hours.

To cover costs of hiring the venue, we ask for $30.00 per person.


Kathryn will be sending out invoices/payment details to email address supplied in the booking form and questionnaire.

The workshop is open to people of all levels - models and photographers. But the workshop is primarily made for the purpose of helping and educating young or beginning models on their first steps.



Photographs taken of models must be shared with the model. Failure to do so results in a modeling fee of $100.00 to each model you have failed to supply photographs with. Failure to complete modeling fee results in being banned from the group and "named and shamed" in the Nationwide and Christchurch model photographer groups. Images taken must be supplied to the model within ONE MONTH of the workshop date. If you have not, there will be a "one month check in by the hosts" before a "final 2 month warning". Three months will be the maximum allowable time and consequences will be applied. It is suggested people attending bring either business cards or contact details printed out to hand to each-other. We will supply a list of people involved on the day to those attending. This may be supplied via a private event page or webpage link to your email.


$30.00 must be paid per person in order to attend the workshop. We will have a list, and we will know. You may be asked to leave if you have not paid. No ticket sales on the day.


TFP means time for print. This is how we will be running the workshop. Model releases will be available at the workshop for those that would prefer to use them, but by attending, it will signify that you are working time for print - supplying your time for photos.

*please see photographs taken at workshop terms*


Contact details in the booking form will not be shared with others. Emails are for invoicing particulars, phone numbers are a "just in case" we need to give you a call or text on the day. Social media links will be shared on "The List" of attendees. Your booking form answers will be kept private between the organizers. They are so we can learn more about those involved and find out what people want from the workshop.